Double the Wins

The Red Sox have swept the Orioles and Yankees in the past eight days and are getting close to clinching their division title. The team seems to be having fun, and so am I! The first few photos are some double exposures that I tried to capture the buzz around Fenway, along with the swirl of action that our pitching and batting has recently accomplished... thanks for looking! 

Red Sox are in First Place!

Well... technically tied for first with the Toronto Blue Jays. The current push comes in large part from Mookie Betts' offensive streak and Big Papi's continued success in his last season. It has been thrilling to be in Fenway for it all. Hopefully they can keep it up and make a run into the postseason! 


Back to baseball. Robinson Cano visited Fenway with the Mariners, the Sox wore blue on Father's Day, and I truncated a good amount of people this week with a 500mm lens. Thanks for looking! 


Was lucky enough to card run for The San Francisco Chronicle during the NBA Finals in Cleveland, Ohio and carry a camera around to get a few shots. Traveling between Boston and Cleveland has put me a little behind schedule on the blog but I will hopefully be cranking more out in the next few days! Thanks for looking! 


Second homestand in the books. Had a visit from my hometown team (Cleveland Indians), watched Wade Boggs retire his number, and had the first beer spilled on me of the season. Looking forward to many more of those. Thanks for looking! 


Finished my first week as the new photo intern with the Boston Red Sox! So far so good. Bought a bike, started to figure out my way around the stadium, and only got one parking ticket. Looking forward to the season in Boston learning from Michael Ivins and Billie Weiss, and I will try to update this blog after every home series!